The Sundowners are Sam's house band. An outfit essentially derived for the love of playing original music and themed variety shows. 

Led by Sam Martin on Double Bass, The Sundowners are a piano trio featuring the sideman talents of Pete Wild on piano and David Hewitt on drums .

The band collaborate with a variety of musicians to create interesting, entertaining and educational musical showcases. 

The Sundowners have had the pleasure of working with: Gleny Rae, Colleen Spillane, Nick Keeling, Matt Amy, Mikelangelo, Heath Cullen, Philip Moriarty, Cameron Smith, Pablo Shopen, Mike Martin, Daniel Efraemson, John Horwegg, Damon Davies, Richard Steel, Robyn Martin, Kate Burke, Garry Carson Jones, Bob Porter and many other talented musicians. 

See Below for a little history of shows.


Candelo NSW 2550